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Darker Love a novella (eBook, ePUB)
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Erin BellamyErin is a former Olympiad figure skater and currently the CEO and owner of the most prestigious PR sport firms Bellamy and Associates. She has it all. A successful business engaged to a gorgeous and talented man with the world at her feet. Rafe introduces her to the sensual pleasures of life. She becomes addicted to him and all he has to offer her. His charm begins to fade and lose its luster as a darker side of him emerges. Fame changed him now he has the same hold over Erin, who is immersed and loses herself into his lifestyle of lust and power. One night, Erin finally see's the light and ends their relationship. Her decision ends in tragedy and thrusts her into a never-ending nightmare she cannot escape.Evan JamesThe famed soccer player dubbed a playboy by the media could not be further from the truth. That was his past. He is now a sought-after sports agent with quite a reputation working with his best friend, Erin Bellamy. He has always loved Erin from afar but never acted upon it until one day she presents him with an arrangement as friends with benefits. Evan jumps at the chance knowing his own personal circumstances and secret past could unravel and end his friendship with Erin forever. Evan struggles to come to terms with his feelings for his best friend who he refuses to lose again. Then came the night that turned his world upside down and all he witnessed. His only mercy was his silence to protect Erin from it all.This is a gripping novella full of secrets and lies with Erin caught in the middle of her grief stricken past and her present nightmare.Another fantastic story by Trisha Harley McCarthy author of the Granite Bay Series, Eye Shine: Something is in the Woods and On Ice, A Hockey Romance.

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