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The Complete Diaries of Adam and Eve
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EXTRACTS FROM ADAM´S DIARY (1904) and EVE´S DIARY (1906) are essentially send-ups of the scripture, in which Twain parodied Genesis, the parables of creation and original sin, and Eve´s role in the fall of humankind. In EXTRACTS FROM ADAM´S DIARY, published with Fred Strothmann´s humorous cartoons of supposedly ancient stone carvings on every left-hand page, Twain playfully established Niagara Falls Park as the setting of the Garden of Eden, ´´the honeymoon capital of the world.´´ EVE´S DIARY, accompanied by the stunning line drawings of Lester Ralph, was Twain´s moving eulogy to his wife, Livy, who died the previous year. The grief-stricken Samuel Clemens, in a letter to his brother-in-law, Charles Langdon, wrote: ´´I am a man without a country. Wherever Livy was that was my country.´´ Similarly Adam´s tribute to Eve at the end of Eve´s Diary reads, ´´Wheresoever she was, there was Eden.´´ Eve´s story is tender throughout and focuses on the more humorous aspects of Adam and Eve´s relationship and eventual ´´marriage.´´ Like Adam´s story it lacks the darker implications of the other biblical pieces Twain wrote during the last decade of his life.

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