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Integrated Nutrient Management for Rainfed Dire...
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Climate change is a burning topic in global level which adversely affects agricultural production and livelihoods of our population through increased frequency of droughts and floods. By end of 21st century average global surface temperature may rise 1.4 to 5.80C. In tropical, yield of some crops would decrease with even minimal increases in temperature because they are near their maximum temperature tolerance. So, famine crop (finger millet) is best suited especially for drought stricken areas. It can lie dormant in the soil for weeks after receiving sudden rainfall, spring to life and ready for harvest in short period of time. It contains the most important amino acid (methionine) which is lacking in the diets of millions of the poor and popular among diabetic patients in all over the world due to its slow digestion indicates low blood sugar level. Regarding nutrient management, generally farmers apply chemical fertilizer alone in rainfed situation. But enriched form fertilizers will help to produce greater response. To overcome the problem of climate change, agronomic management practice (INM) will play a significant role to achieve sustainable productivity by farming society.

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