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After the US is ravaged by ecological disasters, Maya Roberts, a young herbalist, must travel in the hazardous high desert to find healing plants for her community, which has been stricken by some new, fatal illness. There, she encounters a remarkably peculiar Navajo named Howling Sky, who is able to trigger rare phenomena - impossible occurrences. But is Howling Sky a man - or a ghost? Can Maya come to terms with the dangers implicit in a despoiled earth, restore her loved ones to health, and acknowledge her destiny as a shaman´s apprentice? Can she discover love? Listeners are invited to travel to what´s left of the West, to the Islands of California, where a cure for the new disease has been reported. Maya, now Question Woman, mentored by Howling Sky, must resolve her past in the house where she once lived and must deal with obstacles that threaten her return to the people who need her, and where her loyalties lie. G. Miki Hayden´s Navajo research provides an authentic cultural background in regard to the shamanistic details; her startling imagination supplies the rest. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Gary Roelofs. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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