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USS A. G. Prentiss (1912)
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! USS A. G. Prentiss (Id. No. 2413) was a small wooden-hulled tugboat. She was built in 1912 at Kennebunk, Maine. The United States Navy inspected her in the 3rd Naval District on 6 March 1918 and selected her for service. Prentiss was delivered to the Navy on 25 March 1918 under a charter approved three days later. Prentiss apparently served in the 3rd Naval District for her entire career, as she is listed as having that area as her duty station in the 1918 Ship's Data volume. However, there are no extant deck logs to confirm this inference. Records indicate that Prentiss was returned to her owner on 2 December 1918, and her name stricken from the Navy list the same day.

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